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Picture from Atelier Laren - Bezoek


Do you know this decorative material?

The stone veneer is a thin, light, flexible stone facing made of natural slate. It is made by gluing a thin layer of slate (natural stone) to a base made of polyester resin and fiberglass.

Features of stone veneer:

• It’s easy to assemble
• It’s flexible and light
• It has waterproof properties
• Can be attached to any surface, starting with ceramics and    ending with concrete
• It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors
• It has many possibilities of use; as a fireplace surround, a column surround, as a building cladding, as a veneer for furniture, countertops, doors, walls and ceilings and of course we can use it in the bathroom.


Made of natural stone, the veneers are 1.5 to 3 mm thick and are available in many different sizes. The most popular of them are: 122x61cm, 244x122cm, 213x91cm, 305x122cm. The sheets are available in many colours; shades of gold, grey, brown, red or green.

We can also use transparent stone veneer, which when properly illuminated, will delight with amazing visual effects.

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Pictures from Orac Decor®

Thanks to mouldings we can decorate the interior, furniture or facades, give them character and uniqueness.

We have at our disposal:

  • covings
  • skirtings
  • wall mouldings
  • ceiling rosettes
  • covings lighting
  • columns
  • pilasters and other decorative elements

Mouldings fit not only for classic interiors but also for modern. Among many manufacturers offers, everyone can find something for themselves.

Ceiling modulings/Coving lighting
Pictures from Orac Decor®

Wall Mouldings.mat. prasowe Marta Jasiak,
Mouldings on the furniture.source:John Woodcock
Decorative elements.Pictures from Orac Decor®

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Do you like wallpaper? We  personally love them because thanks to them we can create an interesting atmosphere in the interior and give it unique character.

Do you know what kind of wallpapers we can use in our interiors?

  • Paper - the cheapest and the least durable. One or two-layer, not resistant to dirt or damage. A large selection of patterns and colours.
  • Vinyl - two-layer wallpaper: On a paper backing.They are fully washable and resistant to discoloration. Their durability is calculated for 3-5 years, depending on use. They are often flame-retardant certified, therefore they can be used in commercial buildings. They are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or corridors.
  • On non-woven material (polyester fleece). They are easier to install than those on a paper backing, because they do not shrink under the influence of glue (we apply it only to the wall), and do not wrinkle. They have acoustic properties.
  • Made of fiberglass - it is a durable material reinforced with glass yarn, very durable and resistant to mechanical damage, washable and resistant to moisture. These wallpapers can be painted. They can be smooth or textured. Difficult to remove and uncomfortable to apply as fiberglass is irritating to the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Cork - composed of two layers of paper and cork. They mute the room. Cover it well with varnish to protect it.
  •  Textile - made of various fabrics, e.g. linen, cotton or silk on a paper or acrylic base.
Did you know that you can also use wallpaper in the shower?!
Pictures from Wall&Deco, Wonderwall-studio.

️These are special technical coverings for wet rooms such as; bathrooms, kitchens, spas and swimming pools. The backing is printed fiberglass, a clear finish plus a waterproof backing.

What do you think about the wallpaper on the facade?
Pictures from Wall&Deco

It is certainly not the cheapest solution, but very visually effective.
For those interested, a link WET SYSTEM ™ - Installation Wall & decor WET SYSTEM™

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